About Us

When it comes to individuals visiting the U.S. on short-term travel and needing health care, our goal is to minimize loss while offering convenient, high-quality care. We do so by providing Hygeia® PPO and Hygeia® Arbitration Services.

Hygeia® PPO is the market-leading international managed PPO solution, offering high performance and compliant access in a flexible PPO model. It provides:

  • The ability to aggressively control costs
  • Excellent coverage at accredited health care providers
  • 35-45% average savings on network claims spend an average of 90-95% coverage of all claims dollars when coupled with Hygeia® Arbitration Services
  • Managed care compliant model that is respected by and respectful of health care providers
  • Suite of multiple award-winning technologies and
    superior customer service Hygeia® Arbitration Services provides a proven solution to address out-of-network claims using powerful proprietary databases and a negotiations methodology that result in a binding settlement with the provider. It provides:
    • 25-30% average savings on claims spend submitted
    • Proprietary technology, including the largest database
      of international claims in the industry, to benchmark
      appropriate reimbursement levels
    • Highly skilled and trained arbitrators
    • Excellent provider relationships, resulting in a successful and sustainable arbitration model
    • Signed documentation from the provider clearly stating the negotiated amount accepted to settle the account